ConnectEd 2020 – Why?

Leading educationalist, business leaders, economists and even politicians recognised over a decade ago that the current education system in the UK was not fit for purpose and that a major skills gap was appearing between what our students could do and what was going to be needed from them in the future. We have all seen the famous TED Talk by Ken Robinson asking for an educational revolution? and possible some of you may remember the shift happens video? Well the future which they were speaking of is here, Ken Robinson is still waiting for his revolution and Shift Happens is now up to version 4.0. What’s more is, with the introduction of KS2 SATS, reformed knowledge heavy GCSE and A-Level qualifications, funding difficulties, recruitment and retention concerns, we are potentially further away than we were before. However, we are where we are (a favourite saying) and the point of ConnectEd 2020 is not to reflect on what has or should have been, but to get very excited about what will be from this point on, if we choose to connect to the possibilities.

ConnectEd 2020 is a conference with a very clear focus and is unashamedly asking the education community to consider whether they feel UK students will be globally competitive in 2030? Now you might ask what it means to be globally competitive, in fact we hope you do and that you will spend time thinking about what the answer to this question might be. Once this is clear in your mind, or clearer than it was before, it is time to book your ticket and be ready to enter a new era in your educational journey. ConnectEd 2020 will connect you with some of the very best speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including research education, artificial intelligence, industry, global education and psychology. They will be passing on experiences, big ideas and simple strategies which can be implemented immediately at both classroom and whole school level. The three strands for the day have been carefully thought out and when combined together should give you the structure to create your own road map for turning your school or classroom into one of the future.

  • Educational Technologies for learning
  • Developing Human Skills through the Craft of Teaching
  • International Curriculum and Global Outlooks

Surbiton High School, Surbiton High Girls Prep and Surbiton High Boys Prep, who are hosting ConnectEd 2020 are already exploring many of the themes above and we will be sharing our ongoing research and findings through this blog. This conference is all about connections, and we hope we can make many connections with primary and secondary schools in the local community and beyond. If you wish to know any more about ConnectEd 2020 or indeed our ongoing outreach programmes, please contact either Ben Raybould (Director of ConnectEd 2020) at or Stuart Bird (Head of Community Outreach) at