Author - Educationalist

David Hughes is an educationalist and author on future education. Starting his career in a Cambridgeshire Village College, inspired by Henry Morris’s concept of education from the ‘cradle to the grave’ profoundly influenced his educational philosophy. The second great influence was the RSA Academy working on the Opening Minds curriculum, designed by the RSA and the CBI to address the perennial question ’why are students leaving school not job ready? His response to this question, and a plan for the education of 2030, form the basis of his books, Future Proof Your School (2019) and Re-examining Excellence (2020).

David built the brief for a learning platform called OPEUS. Working in the reverse of the normal order, the educational specification focussed on what teachers would find useful to enhance teaching and learning. The technical team then developed it to be as simple as possible to operate Recognising that much educational technology was sold into schools on features, rather than educational benefits, David lead a regional teacher skills development programme. As a regional STEM coordinator, he worked with industry to make class learning real. David has conceived digital storytelling projects for adults with profound learning disabilities. He contributed to the International School Leadership MA of Nottingham University and supported the ISSET organisation on educational projects with NASA astronauts and administrators at Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers. In 2014 David was a commissioner for the Birmingham Commission for Children report, ‘It takes a city to raise a child’. David blogs at: Learning Renaissance.