Thinking Real Hard - Author

Thinking Real Hard: empowering all students for an uncertain future

Teachers and school leaders are in the habit forming business; the need to provide students with rigorous opportunities to develop their habits of mind, which they can use and apply in and beyond school, has never been more urgent.

In their latest book – Powering up students – Graham Powell and Guy Claxton provide a comprehensive survey of the latest international research on how students learn. Drawing on a wealth of experience as a teacher, school leader, inspector and coach, Graham will show how teachers can make modest and coherent changes that will transform the learning experiences and achievement of all their students.

All Graham’s presentations are extremely engaging and practical with many examples of effective classroom practice that can be used readily to transform learning in classrooms. A key focus that he will take, is to look at ways of ensuring that students – regardless of ability – are disposed to think real hard across the curriculum in preparation for the challenges they will meet in their future lives in these uncertain times.